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Allergy Injections

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For allergy injections you will NOT need to stop any medications (If you are on beta-blockers please notify the allergy nurse.) In fact you will need to stay on your allergy medications in the beginning. You need to come twice a week for the first 2 weeks then after that you go to once a week.

You may see a little increase in symptoms with approximately the first 4 sets of injections. This is why we have you come in twice a week for the first 2 weeks.

After the first 2 weeks you can not get your injections any closer than 5 days apart. You will receive injections weekly for approximately one year depending on your symptoms. On your second year you will come every 2 weeks. Then the third year you can go to every 3 weeks. After 3 years you can be retested to see what has changed.

You need to wait 24 hrs. between allergy injections and any other immunizations. If you work out it is best to do so before injections rather than after injections. If you go over 10 days without an injection we will just repeat the dose.

You can not receive allergy injections if you are running a fever or wheezing. If you are not sure whether to come for injections call the allergy nurse and explain your symptoms and she will advise you on whether to come in or wait.


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