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Throat Pain   •   Swallowing Problems of the Throat Tonsils and Adenoids   •   Voice and Throat   •   Cancers   •   Tonsils Adenoids   •   Miminally Invasive Para-Thyroid and Thyroid Surgery

Ear Cancer Tumors of the ear

We provide treatment for both benign and malignant tumors involving the outer, middle and inner ear as well as brainstem and skull base.

Nose, Sinus Cancer

Millions of American suffer from sinus problems. We provide comprehensive evaluation, including nasal endoscopic visualization which is performed in the office setting. We also provide complete medical as well as surgical treatment for all types of sinus disease. Our doctors are trained in the latest techniques and instrumentation, including the 3-D computerized sinus imaging system.

Throat Cancer

Throat pain and difficulty swallowing may result from a wide range of causes. We provide comprehensive evaluation using endoscopic visualization in the office setting. In addition, we offer the latest medical and surgical treatment for these problems.

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